Taylor SwiftShake It Off Outtake #1: The Cheerleaders.

Lead Singles Debut Spot on Billboard Hot 100 Charts

“They can say whatever they want about my personal life because I know what my personal life is, and it involves a lot of TV and cats and girlfriends. But I don’t like it when they start to make cheap shots at my songwriting. Because there’s no joke to be made there.”


that doesn’t sound right

tenerifetaylor13: "Say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers"

thank you uhm i guess if there’s something i don’t hate about myself it is: 

1. uhm my hair? my friends love my hair i think idk

2. my smile?

3. amamam  eyes

4. ?

5. ???????


tips for new freshmen!

  • no one cares about anything
  • walk on the right side of the fucking hallway 
  • dont sit in the back of the bus you gotta earn that. maybe next year, champ.
  • stop screaming. we’re all tired and miserable.